Alfredo Brillembourg

Founding Partner

From: Venezuela/United States

Alfredo Brillembourg was born in New York. He received his Bachelor of Art and Architecture in 1984 and his Master of Science in Architectural Design in 1986 from Columbia University.

Hubert Klumpner

Founding Partner

From: Austria

Hubert Klumpner was born in Salzburg, Austria. He graduated in 1993 from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna in the Master Class of Prof. Hans Hollein.

Core Team
Alexis Kalagas

Researcher, Writer, and Publications Coordinator

From: Australia

Alexis Kalagas is a writer, researcher, and editor. Born in Sydney, he completed graduate studies in political science and public policy in Geneva and Boston.

Anna Gawlikowska

Researcher and Project Coordinator

From: Poland

Anna is a multi-displinary researcher and manager with a background in business, psychology and urban planning. She is currently working on the Swiss AIM project.

Clearhos Papanicolaou

Filmmaker and Researcher

From: Greece/Mexico

Clearhos is a filmmaker and researcher born in Mexico City and raised in Chile and the United States. His interests are at the intersections of anthropology, sociology, art, and film.

Daniel Schwartz

Filmmaker and Researcher

From: United States

Daniel Schwartz is a filmmaker, photographer, and researcher. Born in Nairobi and raised in Atlanta, he has a background in anthropology and journalism.

Danny Wills

Architect, Researcher, and Studio Coordinator

From: United States

Danny Wills is an architect and researcher and has been a part of U-TT since 2013. As a graduate of The Cooper Union, his work investigates rural and urban issues through ecological systems thinking.

Diego Ceresuela-Wiesmann

Architect and Researcher

From: Spain/Switzerland

Diego Ceresuela-Wiesmann is an architect and urban designer with a masters degree from the Polytechnic School of Architecture in Madrid (ETSAM) where he graduated with honors.

Flavia Reginato

Chair Coordinator


Flavia Reginato has a Bachelor in Visual Communication and Publishing, and a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Social Development of Public Spaces.

Haris Piplas

PhD Candidate and Lecture Course Coordinator

From: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Haris Piplas, born in Sarajevo, is a landscape architect and urban design researcher. He has studied and worked in Sarajevo, Berlin, Milan, and Zurich.

Igor Guedes

Administrative Trainee

From: Brazil/Switzerland

Igor, born in Brazil, is trained in economics in Switzerland and is currently working as an administrative trainee.

Marie Grob

Architect, Researcher, and Elective Coordinator

From: Switzerland

Born in Geneva, Marie Grob has studied both in Sweden and Switzerland. She received a Masters in Architecture at EPFL, where she was also a teaching assistant for the first year architecture design.

Nadya Vonmoos

Researcher and Communications

From: Switzerland

Nadya Vonmoos has a Licentiate and a Master in English literature, communication and educational psychology. Besides her work as a writing assistant, she supports the chair’s operational management.

Rebecca Looringh-van Beeck


From: South Africa

Rebecca Looringh-van Beeck is a designer and artist from Cape Town, South Africa, where she studied architecture and brand leadership.

Sam Holleran

Researcher and Writer

From: United States

Sam Holleran is a writer, interdisciplinary artist, and educator. His work examines the role of visual culture in creating equitable civic spaces.

Scott Lloyd

Architect and Researcher

From: Australia

Scott Lloyd MSc. ETH Arch. SIA works on architecture, publishing and curatorial projects with focus on alternative urban environments and the politics and aesthetics of space.